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You...  who is married, in courtship or strictly single and searching for a serious partner.

You...  who is tired of being lonely, who daydreams of one time having a marriage partner but wondering just how to work it out.

You...  who is now tired of walking into a church on Sunday morning alone whereas your former colleagues walk in accompanied by their husbands/wives and children.

You...  who is tired of visiting relatives on Christmas or other holidays and listening to their dry jokes on how you need to have a baby even if you didn’t want to get married.

You...  who has fasted and prayed for a life partner and are still waiting to meet one, and you who is seeking happiness in marriage as well.

You... who has fallen into trouble or been in grave danger while searching for a marriage partner.

You... who wears a ring on your wedding finger to keep off unwanted intruders.

You … you … who is tired of being alone.

Or yet still YOU … who is looking for a way to help a friend find love and life in relationships with opposite sex members.

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